Videogames, inspiration for real life?

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Videogames have been a growing industry with millions of followers all over the world; many ideas for the future are based on some of the many videogames that exist today.  A lot of people think that they are a bad influence and that they enhance aggressive behavior in children or adolescents, this may be true (Andrea Norcia), but on the other hand they are a great influence for people.

As technology moves forward, inventors have new opportunities to create products that will completely change our life perspective; this is what happened with the last guitar produced for the game “Rockband 3”.  This guitar is used as a normal electric guitar and can be played as any other; you can also use it for the game and play songs, as well as learning how to play it with a learning curve included in the game.  For the first time a video game teaches people how to play a real musical instrument in a way that is fun and considered as a game.

The previous example shows how little by little video games start to be part of life; on the other hand Mercedes has designed a car prototype in which you do not have a steering wheel and pedals, but a joystick.  This can be a radical change in the way of driving, but it is a way in which many people have driven in many video games.  This way since early age people can develop skills that will be useful in a future as driving a car.

Finally, the influence of video games may go further.  Jesse Schell thinks that in the future daily life will be part of a huge video game, where taking the bus and not driving a car may give you “points” for the government to support taking care of the planet and with these points you can reduce your tax payments.  This and may other ideas are explained in the conference “When games invade real life”.  Schell is not the only one who thinks like this, many students from the College de Ithaca created a game called “humans versus zombies” based on a game style pretty common in many online games.  This game is a modern version of cops and robbers in which toy weapons are used and strategies created to change humans into zombies.  This shows the potential that video games may offer for future ideas; the ideas are there we just have to take advantage of them and turn them into reality.

RockBand Guitar 3:

Mercedes Prototype:

Jesse Schell’s Conference:

Humans versus Zombies:

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